Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit( +Removewattiso+PowerISOv4.7+serial)

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit( +Removewattiso+PowerISOv4.7+serial)
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit( +Removewattiso+PowerISOv4.7+serial)

1)first off you will need to install powerISO unless you know how too burn the iso already
2)use serial and when it shows how many drives for mounting scroll it on the right area to
3) then once installed restart computer as it says too
4)click on the windows 7 ultimate 32bit file and it should look like a gold disc and open up with PowerISO.
5)Click up top where it says burn and have a disc in your DVD burner as u need a DVD blank and burn and start
6)Enjoy from Slickinator

1)put windows 7 disc in drive and shut down and restart and let it boot click any key or click F12 and select dvdrom too boot from and push any key too start
2)when begining Loading is done click on Install now
3)Click on Custom
4)Click on the drive you wish to Install windows 7 on to and underneathe
Del to delete partition too start off
5)click on New and set for size u want of Partition or recommended just click next
6)Then Click the drive again And then Click on Format
7)Note a secondary HD will usually be added at 100mb you need that there so leave alone
8)after formating the drive click on it too make sure its highlighted again and click next to start Installing windows 7 and let it do its work
9)Again its better to have INTERNET OFF)
10) after all done Before you do anything else open My Computer and click on the cd in the DVDrom and it will show you all the files ,double click on Remove wat 2.2.6
and double click the file inside to start it
and click Remove on the top option and let it do its work it will restart after and don’t touch anything till restarted and remove DVD disc and your Done .

Note you may need to get some Drivers for your system for sound or video display but 90% of the time windows 7 installs a driver for you so maybe see what your system is before hand and download drivers you may need

Download here :


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